The Plans

Building for the Future
The Greek community at Indiana University is experiencing issues with retention of its senior members and is having a residual effect on leadership. Like many other fraternities and sororities, Delta Tau Delta executive leadership is comprised of all sophomore members. From chapter president to secretary, the newest members of the organization are quickly elevated to the roles with the greatest responsibility. The main reason for this problem boils down to housing, and it is the intention of the House Corporation to create a strategy that would not only increase retention but also begin to repopulate the executive leadership with junior and senior members.

The Challenge
The House Corporation has found that it does not offer attractive housing options for upperclassmen. After junior year virtually all members move out of the Shelter and into off-campus apartments or houses. We are losing our members and potential leaders to newly built and renovated housing throughout Bloomington. Students today desire more personal space and modern amenities that most fraternities, including Delta Tau Delta, do not currently offer. After sophomore year, more than half of our members are looking to find a housing option that provides them with their own bedroom at minimum.

The Solution
In an effort to continue providing our membership with the best fraternal housing experience, the House Corporation has put together plans for an addition of a senior wing. Instead of modifying the facility, the addition would provide upgraded suite-style rooms and more space for the size of the current chapter. This will address the needs of those members who choose to stay involved with the fraternity and are also looking for a housing option that creates more dependency.

1. 12 suite-style rooms that provide a separate living room and bedroom space for each individual
2. 5 new academic spaces for all members to access for a variety of studying purposes
3. Increased public space for a new chapter room to accommodate the chapter size
4. Extra space set aside for a workout facility

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